Pumpkin may be grated raw and used as when cooked, making less work to prepare.

Grating, now-a-days, usually means running through the food chopper.

A pumpkin may be baked by cutting it in two, removing seeds, scooping it from the shell with a mixing spoon and crushing through a colander.

In selecting a pumpkin, choose a glossy one that is flat on both ends.

Chopped pecan and English walnuts sprinkled over a pumpkin pie just before putting it in the oven, give an agreeable flavor.

Shredded cocoanut sprinkled over a pumpkin pie just as it goes in the oven, is nice.

Pumpkin Pie No. 1

1 1/4 cupfuls pumpkin 1 cupful milk 1/2 cupful sugar

1/2 teaspoonful salt

1/2 teaspoonful cinnamon

1 egg

Prepare the pumpkin by washing, cutting in pieces, paring and steaming till soft. Rub through a colander or sieve. To the required amount add the beaten egg and other ingredients, mixing thoroughly. Pour into a crust with a high rim.

This recipe may be varied by using squash instead of pumpkin, and the required amount of sweetening used being half sugar and half molasses.

Pumpkin Pie No. 2

Prepare the filling as per Pumpkin Pie No. 1. Butter the pie tins, just cover the bottom with corn meal. Pour in the filling, and bake.