½ pint of Vinegar. 1 quart of Water. A few Bay Leaves. 1 White Onion.

1 oz. of Butter.

1 doz. Peppercorns

4 Cloves.

A few Allspice.

½ oz. of Salt.

Boil this mixture well; strain and let the fish simmer in it and get cold in it; then remove the fish and lay on a dish nicely drained. Pour over it any Mayonnaise sauce, when wanted as a supper or lunch dish. It should be done before so as to be cold; garnish with finely-chopped parsley, radish, lemon, or beetroot.

The tail end of the "Stockfish" or "Kabeljon" or "Geelbeck" done in this way is very good. It is also a very nice way of cooking salmon.