4 Palates.

2 oz. of Butter.

A seasoning of Nutmeg, Pepper, or Cayenne.

Four ox palates make a good dish; soak them, and wash very clean; then scald them, and scrape off all the rough skin till perfectly white and clean-looking. Then boil gently, in a good quantity of water, till tender. Take them out, and press them between two plates; let them cool; cut them into small squares, or any nice shape. Now take of the stock in which the palates were boiled sufficient to cover them; strain; season with nutmeg, pepper, and salt; thicken with fine bread-crumbs or biscuit; add an ounce of butter and a spoonful of cream. Stew the palates gently in this, and serve as an entrče.

How To Make Brine For Tongue Or Beef


6 tablespoonfuls of Salt. I tablespoonful of Saltpetre.

2 tablespoonfuls of Brown Sugar. 2 cups of Water.

A few Bay Leaves.

Pour over a tongue or lump of beef after having been rough-salted.