6 Eges.

b. of Flour.

I tea-cup of Warm Water.

A little Salt.

2 tablespoonfuls Melted Butter,

I quart of Milk.

Whip up the whites and yolks of the eggs separately; stir in the melted butter and flour gradually, then the milk and water; mix very smoothly. Put an omelet-pan on the fire, with a pat of butter or fat. Put in sufficient batter to run over it as thick as a crown piece; shake the pan when you think one side is done, toss it up so as to turn. Sprinkle with sugar or spread with honey, roll up and put on a dish in the oven until you have enough to send in, or place them on a dish, grating some sugar and cinnamon between each, cut in quarters, and send in very hot.

Augusta's French Pancakes


2 oz. Butter.

2 oz. Castor Sugar.

2 0Z. Flour.

2 Eggs.

A little Essence of Almonds

pint of Fresh Milk.

Beat the butter to a froth; add the sugar, then one egg well beaten with sugar and butter, then the other, then milk; lastly the flour. This paste must be quite smooth,. Then butter four tin plates. Bake the pancakes in an oven. When ready, put one pancake over the other, with

M apricot jam, or other preserve, between each. Serve with sifted sugar. Time, about fifteen minutes. Very good.

[Note to Pancakes, p. 161. - Pancakes after this recipe are excellent served with Stewed Fowl as follows (an old-fashioned German entree, Miss Leisching's recipe).]

Take one chicken (or white-legged fowl), one ounce of butter, half a pint of water, half a pint of good stock, two onions, some white pepper, a little grated nutmeg, a little parsley. Cut up the chicken nicely jointed, let it simmer for an hour. Then have ready four pancakes lightly baked and rolled up and cut in halves, and gently laid in the sauce, not to break them, for a few minutes. Serve nicely in an entree dish, and garnish with the pancakes cut in rings. Should the gravy in which the chicken has stewed require thickening, whisk up an egg with a squeeze of lemon, stir it into the stock quickly after the chicken, etc., has been dished, and pour over the whole. Very good.