Omelet For Breakfast


4 Eggs.

A slice of Stale White Bread.

½ pint of New Milk. Pepper and Salt.

Whisk the eggs well; soak the bread in milk, mash very finely, mix with the whipped egg. Fry in a pan with a little butter or fat. (Makes three good omelets. Time, about three minutes each.)

Egg And Oyster Omelet


4 Eggs.

2½ oz. of Flour.

½ a pint of Milk. 6 large Oysters.

Pepper and Salt.

Chop up six large oysters; make a batter of the flour and milk. Mix the whole together, and fry in butter or fat slowly. The oysters may be potted or raw.

German Omelet


2 Eggs.

1 teaspoonful Flour.

1 teaspoonful Maizena.

1 teaspoonful Cream. ¼ pint Boiling Milk. 1 tablespoonful Sugar.

20 drops Vanilla Essence.

Mix the yolks of the eggs with one teaspoonful of fine flour and one spoonful of maizena, then the spoonful of cream, then the quarter of a pint of boiling milk, and lastly the whites well whisked. Butter two ordinary kitchen tin plates, pour in the mixture, and bake in a quick oven till set. Then carefully lay on a silver (hot water) dish, put a layer of apricot or any other marmalade on it, and cover with the other omelet. (Three omelets make a nice dish for four or five people. These may be made savoury omelets by putting salt, pepper, and parsley instead of jam.)

Ham Or Tongue Omelet. English


3 oz. Butter. 4 Eggs.

3 dessertspoonfuls of Grated Ham or


A little Pepper and Salt.

Grate or mince some ready-dressed ham or tongue very fine. Whisk the yolks and whites of the eggs separately, season with pepper and salt; beat well together, stir into the tongue and ham. Put some butter into your omelet pan, and when it begins to bubble, whirl up the mixture and pour it into the pan. Stir with a spoon one way until it thickens, then fold the edges of the omelet over in an oval form. Brown nicely, and serve as quickly as possible. Pop the dish into a hot stove oven for a few minutes if not quite brown enough. Time, five or six minutes.

A Good Sweet Omelet


6 Eggs. 3 oz. Sugar.

I teaspoonful of Grated Lemon-Peel. 3 oz. Butter.

Whisk the whites to a stiff froth. Have your omelet pan quite hot, put in three ounces of butter, and when it is melted, mix the whites of the eggs with the yolks, sugar, and lemon-peel, and pour into the pan, shaking it round till the under side is slightly browned. Then sift sugar over the upper side. Turn it into a dish, fold it over, and put it for five minutes into a brisk oven. Serve it immediately, before it can fall.