(An Old-Fashioned Recipe For Tea Cakes Brought To The Cape By The French Refugees.)


2 lb. Fine Flour, I lb. Castor Sugar. ¾ lb. Butter.

4 Eggs.

2 Dessertspoonfuls fine sifted Cinnamon.

½ pint Wine.

Beat butter to a cream, mix with the sugar, add eggs, whisked separately, the wine, and lastly the flour, in which the cinnamon has been mixed. If the batter is not quite thin enough to spread, add a little more wine. Bake in an oublid-pan; put about a dessertspoonful on the pan, shut tight and hold over the fire to brown on both sides; it will take two minutes. Open the pan, roll the oublié as you would a pancake, while hot. The oubliés ought to be very crisp and light, and as thin as a wafer. Oublié-pans are called by ironmongers "wafer-pans," and can be obtained in all the English shops, and at Findlay, Koch, Dixie, etc., Cape Town.