Almond Cake


I lb. Almonds blanched and pounded with Rose Water. I oz. Bitter Almonds. I lb. Loaf Sugar (sifted).

12 Eggs.

5 Tablespoonfuls of Finest Pounded Biscuit.

(500 Almonds go to a lb.)

Blanch and pound the almonds, beat up the yolks of the eggs, mix with the sugar; then add alternately the whites and almonds, then the biscuit. Bake in a well-buttered mould for an hour and a half in a moderate oven, with a buttered paper over the mould. Very good.

Berg River Cake


7 Eggs.

Their weight in Sugar.

The weight of 3 Eggs in Flour.

25 Sweet Almonda 10 Bitter Almonds. Some Citron Preserve.

1 Lemon.

Whisk the eggs to a froth, the whites and sugar to be mixed first, then the yolks and other ingredients. Bake in buttered mould for one hour. Good.

Birthday Cake


I lb. of Finest Flour.

lb. Sugar.

lb. Butter.

I lb. Currants.

lb. Chopped Raisins.

lb. Almonds blanched and cut small. lb. Candied Preserves. 7 Eggs, I Glass of Brandy.

A few Cloves, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Ginger.

Beat the butter to a cream, mix with sugar, then eggs, yolks first, then whites, then flour, currants, etc.; mix all very well. Bake in well-buttered mould for two hours, with buttered paper over, in moderate oven.

Buttermilk Cake. A Cheap, Homely Cake


5 cups Flour.

2 cups Sugar.

I cup Currants.

I tablespoon Butter.

2 teaspoons Carbonate of Soda.

I bottle Buttermilk.

2 tablespoons Cinnamon.

Some " Naartje " (Tangerine Orange)

Peel. Vanilla Essence may be used instead.

Mix the butter and sugar; then mix with the flour the spices, soda, and currants. Stir in alternately a little flour and buttermilk. Have ready buttered moulds. Bake in a moderately quick oven.

Chocolate Cake


Whites of 7 Eggs.

I lb. Sugar.

lb. Grated Chocolate.

Whisk the whites stiffly, mix with sugar and chocolate, first roll the chocolate and sugar together; drop on a well-buttered paper. Let it stand for an hour to dry before putting into the oven, which is not to be quite so warm. Bake about ten minutes. When quite cold remove from the paper.

Cocoanut Cake


1 Large or 2 Small Cucoanuts. 1 lb. Loaf Sugar.

lb. butter. b. Flour.

6 Eggs.

Beat the butter to a cream with the sugar; add the yolks well beaten, then the whites whisked to a froth, then the flour. When ready for the oven stir in the cocoanut. Bake for one hour and a half with paper over the mould.

Dutch Cake


I lb. Flour, 1 lb. Sugar. lb. Butter.

4 Eggs.

I glass of Milk.

I teaspoonful Soda.

2 teaspoonfuls Cream of Tartar.

Any flavouring you like; makes an excellent cake without any.

Stir butter to a cream, mix with eggs well beaten, flour, and milk, lastly the soda and cream of tartar. Bake one hour and a half in moderate oven.