I lb. of Flour. I cup of Currants, I lb. Loaf Sugar. lb. Butter.

4 Eggs.

I breakfast-cup of Milk.

Nutmeg (grated).

1 teaspoon Baking Powder.

Some Citron Preserve (cut small).

Mix butter, whipped to a cream, with sugar; then yolks, then flour, etc.; lastly whites, whisked to a stiff froth. The baking powder to be mixed dry with the flour. Bake for one hour and a half in a moderate oven. Good.

Pound Cake. Old Cape Recipe


12 Eggs, I lb. Butter, I lb. Sugar. I lb. Flour.

Teaspoonful of mixed Cinnamon; Naartje Peel(Tangerine Orange), dried and powdered; and some Nutmeg.

Whisk the eggs (whites and yolks) separately. Stir the butter to a cream; add dry sifted sugar, then yolks, well whisked, then flour and spices, previously well mixed, and lastly, the whites. Have a well-buttered mould, dusted with fine biscuit; a buttered paper on the top of mould. Bake in moderate oven for two hours.