Ripe Fig Preserve

Take six pounds of ripe figs, lay them for a few hours in lime water (two spoonfuls of lime to a basin of water); take six pounds of sugar, boil a clear syrup; alter straining, let it boil till thick before adding the figs; then preserve for two hours longer, slowly, till the figs look clear. Cork. Will keep well.

Fig Preserve. Old Cape Recipe

To preserve white figs whole, take them nearly ripe, peel thinly, but leave the stalks on; lay for a night in lime water, the next morning prick with a needle. Take the weight of the fruit in sugar, make a thick syrup, taking less water than cups of sugar; lay the figs in the syrup, boil gently till the figs are transparent and the syrup thick.

Fig Preserve. From A Very Old Cape Recipe Book. Dutch

Scrape unripe figs, cut a slit across the top (not too large), lay in a basin of cold water in which has been put two tablespoonfuls of lime (this quantity to 100 figs). Lay a plate, with a weight on it, on the top of the figs, or they will drift on the water. About twelve hours after, take out, wash clean. Have ready a saucepan in which you have about three quarts of clean water, one teaspoonful of carbonate of soda, one tablespoonful of salt. Let the figs boil up in this, taking care to leave the saucepan open. Take out when soft enough to be easily pierced with a reed; drain through a colander, or on a cloth. Take two pounds of sugar more than the weight of fruit, make a clear syrup (one cup of water to one of sugar); when strained and cool, lay your figs in it for a night, the next day preserve on a slow fire till the fruit is quite clear. Cork in small jars. Time, three or four hours. Very good.