(A Cheap Gravy For Hashes, Etc.)


Bones and Trimmings of a cold joint intended for hashing. teaspoonful of Salt. teaspoonful of Whole Pepper. teaspoonful of Allspice. Some savoury Herbs.

I Fried Onion, I Carrot. I oz. Butter. Flour, for thickening. Sufficient Water to cover the bones well.

Chop the bones very fine; put into a stewing-pan with salt, pepper, spices; cover with boiling water. Let the whole simmer gently for two hours. Slice and fry onions till a pale brown, and mix with gravy made from the bones; boil a little while, strain, and put back into the saucepan. Thicken with a little flour rubbed in butter, or a little plain browned flour, a pinch of brown sugar, and some tomato sauce. Let it all boil well. Lastly put in your nicely cut-up meat, taking care that it never boils, or it immediately becomes hard. Serve with toast round the dish, or fried sippets. A little cayenne pepper is very nice in hashes. Time for gravy, about two or more hours.