Squeeze the juice of fifty lemons, and for every quart of lemon juice take three pounds of sugar. Let the lemon juice and sugar dissolve in an earthen jar placed in a saucepan of boiling water. Let it simmer in this manner till all the sugar is melted and the whole a rich, thick syrup. Bottle when cold, and cork well. The lemon juice to be strained before mixing with the sugar. A delicious drink in hot weather.

Lemon Syrup


61b. of Sugar, and 4 bottles of Water, boiled to a Syrup, and strained.

1 oz. Tartaric Acid dissolred in a tumbler of Water.

teaspoonful of Oil of Lemon.

Stir all together; let it settle, then bottle and cork well. A little taken with soda water, or in plain water, is very refreshing in summer,