Plain Meat Sandwiches

Cut very thinly slices of bread and butter from a square loaf baked in a tin, and place very thin slices of ham, tongue, biltong, or game between them; season with salt and mustard or pepper; press them on a board with the blade of a large knife. Cut the crust off evenly, and divide them into oblong squares.

Ordinary cold meat sandwiches are much improved by the meat being minced, and hard-boiled eggs and a little parsley, both chopped fine, being mixed with the meat, and placed between the bread and butter. Many people dislike the mixture of mustard and butter, so it is generally best to omit the former. A. sprinkling of pepper, if liked, is an improvement

Egg Sandwiches

Two or three hard-boiled eggs, mashed very finely, and mixed with half an ounce of butter, some pepper and salt. Spread liberally on the bread and butter (cut as for an ordinary sandwich) with a sprinkling of watercress (cut small) or mustard and cress. The eggs may also be cut thinly and laid between the bread and butter, with pepper, and salt, and cress.

Savoury Sandwiches

Very savoury sandwiches may be made of bloater paste, etc., according to recipe (p. 12), and boned anchovies and hard-boiled eggs.

For afternoon tea, sandwiches made with jam, or slices of cucumber, with lettuce, or thin omelet, make a nice variety to ordinary bread and butter.