½ lb. of Sifted Sugar.

The Whites of 4 Eggs.

Whisk the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth, and with a wooden spoon stir quickly the sugar in the whites. Have ready some thin wooden boards, cut strips of paper two inches wide. Place the paper on the board, and drop a tablespoonful of the mixture on the paper, taking care to let all the mèringues be of the same size. In dropping it off the spoon, give them the shape of an egg (if a tablespoonful is taken and carefully turned over, it is egg-shaped). Keep them two inches apart. Strew over them sifted sugar, and bake in a moderate oven for half an hour. As they begin to colour, take them out of the oven. Take each slip of paper by the two ends, and turn it gently on the table, and with a small spoon take out the soft part of the mèringue. Spread some clean papers on the board, turn the mèringues upside down, and put them into the oven again to harden and brown on the other side. If kept in a dry place they will keep for weeks. When required for table, fill them with whipped cream flavoured with liqueur (Vanderhum) and vanilla. Join two of the mèringues together, and pile them high on the dish. Great quickness is required in making meringues, for if they are not put into the oven as soon as they are mixed the sugar melts. The sweeter the mèringues are made the crisper they will be; they are sometimes coloured with cochineal. This quantity will make two dozen.