1 lb. Beef Suet.

1 lb. Stoned Raisins cut in half.

1 lb. Currants.

2 lb. Apples chopped small. 2 lb. Castor Sugar.

lb. Candied PeeL

1 teaspoonful of Salt.

2 oz. Scotch Marmalade.

1 teaspoonful Powdered Cloves. pint of Brandy.

Mix all well together. To be made a month before it is used. It will keep for a year if well corked.



3 large Lemons.

3 large Apples.

I lb. Stoned Raisins.

lb. Currants.

I lb. Chopped Suet.

2 lb. Moist Sugar.

I oz. Sliced Candied Orange-Peel

I teacupful of Brandy.

2 tablespoonfuls Orange Marmalade.

Grate the rind of the lemons, squeeze out the juice, strain it. Boil the remainder of the lemons until tender enough to pulp, also the apples, which are to be mashed. Add the other ingredients one by one; mix all well together, put into jars with closely covered lid. Excellent.

The following is a good way to make mincemeat into mince pies:

Make some puff paste (see p. 194), roll it out very thinly, less than a quarter of an inch, line your patty-tins (first butter them); fill liberally with mincemeat (p. 143), cover with a thicker layer of puff paste, brush over with an egg well whisked. Bake in a brisk oven for twenty-five minutes. Sprinkle or sift very fine sugar over them. The pies may be warmed up if made a day or two before wanted.

The pies may be made like open tarts, and burnt brandy handed round with them.