1 pint New Milk.

2 oz. Butter.

The Yolks of 2 Eggs. 2 oz. Maizena.

A little Salt. A pinch of Cayenne. A few strips of Lemon-Peel, and Juice.

Mix the maizena, salt, cayenne, and the eggs with a little of the new milk. Boil the rest of the milk, then add the maizena, etc., to it, stirring over the fire till smooth and thick. Pour out and stir till cold; pour over the fowl. It should lie on it without dropping off. Very good.

Sauce For Cold Boiled Fowl

Boil your two chickens in a cloth; then take the feet and neck, put into a stew-pan with a cup or more of water, a small blade of mace, a slice of onion. When well boiled strain through a sieve. Take one cup of this stock, thicken with two ounces of maizena, add a cupful of cream, yolk of an egg, a little cayenne and white pepper. Let it cool; pour over the chicken. Garnish the dish with hard-boiled eggs, cut in slices, beetroot, pieces of carrot. A very nice dish for lunch or supper.