Take the thick part of a leg of mutton, cut into small square bits, and fat in between; put into a large earthenware bowl. Mince a raw onion and some lemon leaves, a tablespoonful of brown sugar, half a cup of milk, mix all well together and pour over the meat. Now take three or four onions, cut small, fry in a pan with a spoonful of butter or fat to a nice brown. Take an ounce of tamarinds, pour on it a cup of boiling water; when all the strength has gone out of it, strain, and mix with the onions and let it boil; then add two spoonfuls of good curry powder or Indian curry paste (a clove of garlic if liked) chopped up, some salt; mix well together and pour over the meat. The next morning put the meat on skewers, fat and lean alternately. Carefully take all the sauce, put it into a saucepan, and boil up with a pat of butter. Roast the skewered meat (sasaties) on a gridiron heated on wood coals, and serve with the sauce. Add chutney if liked.

Sasaties Or Kabobs. A Malay Or Indian Dish


1 Fat Leg of Mutton, 2 oz. of Good Curry Powder. cup of Vinegar, or the Juice of 3 Lemons (if not to be had, an oz. of Tamarind drawn on a cup of water gives a very pleasant acid).

A tablespoonful of Sugar.

A cup of Milk.

dozen Lemon or Orange Leaves.

2 oz. of Butter.

3 dozen Skewers, cut out of a Bamboo, or Iron Skewers.

Salt to be added when skewered.

Cut up the leg of mutton in little pieces an inch square, brown the onion, cut in thin slices, and fried in a pan in fat or butter. Mix all the ingredients well up with the cut-up meat in a deep pan or basin; leave it for a night or longer, and when wanted, place the meat interspersed here and there with fat on the skewers. Place the gridiron on wood coals to get very hot, then grill the sasaties a nice brown. Serve hot with rice. The gravy to be well heated in a saucepan, and served with the sasaties. A very favourite picnic dish at the Cape.

* If not to be had use vinegar or lemon juice, as in following recipe.