3 tablespoonfuls Apricot Jam.

I dessertspoonful of Salt.

2 dessertspoonfuls of Cayenne.

2 dessertspoonfuls of Pounded Ginger. 6 Sour Apples. 2 Large Onions.

Boil the apples and onions, then mash fine, and mix with the other ingredients. Put in bottles and cork.

Indian Chutney


I lb. Dried Apples, or Apricots. I lb. Raisins (stoned), l lb. Onions. I lb. Ginger.

lb. Red Chillies. I lb. Soft Sugar. 2 OZ. Salt. 4 oz. Garlic.

Mix all these ingredients. After having been pounded in a stone jar with four quarts of vinegar, set it in the sun for a week. As the vinegar gets absorbed, more should be added- Bottle and cork. Keep some months before using.



3 lb. Quinces, Apricots, or Apples. lb. Dried Chillies, 1 lb. Sugar, lb. Ginger.

I lb. Salt, I lb. Raisins. lb. Garlic. 4 quarts Vinegar.

Peel and cut the quinces, apples, or apricots; boil in three bottles of vinegar till soft; mash in all the sugar and other ingredients; then add the rest of the vinegar. Cork. Will keep for years, and improves by age.

Apple Chutney


2 soup plates of Sour Apples (sliced). lb. Dried Apricots, soaked in I quart of Vinegar till solt. 5 Large Onions, I Garlic, I soup plate of fresh Red Chillies.

I large breakfast-cup of Stoned

Raisins. I lb. Sugar.

3 tablespoonfuls Coriander Seeds. lb. Salt. lb. Ginger.

3 tablespoonfuls Mustard seeds.

All these ingredients to be bruised fine (dry). The garlic and onions minced, the raisins stoned. The other ingredients to be well mixed. The whole to be boiled in three quarts of vinegar till it looks clear. This is a most delicious Chutney.

Quince "Sambal.". A Green Chutney. Malay Recipe

Take two or three greenish quinces; peel and quarter them; a few slices of onion, a green chilli, and some salt. Pound all these in a mortar, and serve with roast or curry. A very good condiment.

Chutney. From A Bengal Recipe


1 lb. Sugar. lb. Salt,lib

Garlic. lb. Onions, lb. Ginger.

lb. Dried Chillies.

lb. Mustard Seeds.

ib. Stoned Raisins.

30 large unripe Sour Apples.

2 quarts of Vinegar.

The sugar made into syrup; the garlic, onions, ginger finely pounded; mustard seeds dried; apples peeled, cored, sliced, and boiled in half the vinegar. When the apples are cold, put in a large pan, and mix the rest of the ingredients in the remainder of the vinegar (hot), till the whole is mixed. Cork well. This recipe was given by a native to an English lady who had long resided in India.