Soak a quarter of an ounce of gelatine in a little water for a quarter of an hour.

Make a custard of a pint of milk, two eggs, two tablespoonfuls of sugar. Add gelatine before adding eggs and sugar.

Take nine sponge biscuits; slice thinly; soak in half a wineglass of Vanderhum, or the syrup in which peaches have been preserved. Garnish a buttered porcelain mould with little bits of citron preserve, tomato preserve, or Cape gooseberry; then put in a layer of soaked biscuits. Have ready any kind of preserve, such as yellow peaches (preserved in brandy), water-melon, or ginger (cut small); put in a layer of preserve; then some more soaked sponge biscuits; pour over the whole the custard (which must be warm), to fill the mould, and let it stand over-night. If ice is handy, this pudding is greatly improved by being iced.