Ox-Tail Soup


2 Ox-tails.

lb. of lean Ham.

1 head of Celery.

2 Carrots.

2 Turnips.

2 Onions.

1 bunch of Savoury Herbs.

5 Cloves.

1 teaspoonful of Peppercorns.

I Bay Leaf.

I wineglassful of Ketchup.

1 wineglassful of Port Wine.

3 quarts of Water.

Cut up the ox-tails, separating the joints; put them in a stewing-pan with an ounce and a half of butter, one head of celery, two onions, two turnips, two carrots, cut in slices, a quarter of a pound of lean ham, cut very thin, the peppercorns, savoury herbs, and one pint of water; stir over a quick fire for a short time, to extract the flavour of the herbs, until the pan is covered with a glaze; then pour in three quarts of water; skim it well, and simmer slowly for four hours, until the meat is tender. Take it out, strain the soup, stir in a little browned flour to thicken, add port wine, ketchup, and head of celery (previously boiled) cut fine; put the tails back into the stewpan of strained soup; boil up for a few minutes and serve. This soup can be served clear by omitting the flour, and adding to it carrots and turnips cut in fancy shapes. These may be boiled in a little soup, and put into the tureen before sending to table.

Potato Soup


2 quarts of White Stock. 6 large mealy Potatoes. I oz. of Butter, rolled in a tablespoonful of Flour.

I Onion.

Some White Pepper. A little Cayenne. Salt to taste.

teacupful of Cream.

Put two quarts of white stock into a stewpan; take six large mealy potatoes, boil and mash them until they are sufficiently soft to pulp through a sieve, with an onion boiled tender; add to the stock. Thicken with butter rolled in flour, and season with pepper, salt, and cayenne; just before serving stir in the cream, and do not let it boil again.

Soup A La Reine


2 quarts of nice White Stock (may be boiled from an old fowl). I cup of Fine Bread-crumbs.

I Onion. Some Nutmeg. White Pepper.

A large cup of good Cream.

Put an old fowl in a stewpan with water enough to cover it well; let it simmer for three or four hours; if the water has diminished, add a little more hot. About a pound of neck of mutton, or veal, may be added, and an onion. Let it boil till you have a good stock, skim well; let it get cold, and strain. The next day, when it has boiled up, add the bread-crumbs, nutmeg, pepper, and salt, and, just before serving, the cup of-cream. Can be served with toasted bread cut in dice.

Tomato Soup

Take about a dozen nice ripe tomatoes, boil quite tender, with an onion; mash, and strain. Add to two quarts of good stock; thicken with a pat of butter rolled in flour; flavour with a green chilli, cut up, just before serving.