3 lb. of Ribs of Mutton.

1 Onion.

2 oz. of Tamarinds.

6 Cloves.

12 Peppercorns, finely bruised.

tablespoonful of Brown Sugar.


Cut the meat as you would for curry, put in a stew-pan with the onion and a pint of water. When it has simmered for an hour take out a cup of the boiling stock, skimming the top so as to remove all the fatty particles. Stir into this boiling soup a large cup of fine flour; stir well over the fire till it is a thick dough, now set it to cool. When quite cold work into the dough one or two eggs; of this make dumplings the size of a walnut.

After this cup of soup has been taken from the meat, stir into it the tamarinds soaked in a pint of boiling water, spices, etc.; let it boil well, and half an hour before serving stir in the dumplings. Serve as an entree. The old recipe had the blood of a duck instead of tamarinds.