By Miss Bradley.

The recipes in this book were prepared for women who like oranges and lemons and who have learned that there is a wide difference between ordinary oranges and lemons and the selected fruit from California, which is sold by first-class dealers throughout the country under the name "Sunkist."

It is interesting to learn why Sunkist Oranges are so good - why they are as fresh, luscious and superbly flavored when they reach your table as if you had stepped out into your own yard and picked them from the tree.

Sunkist Oranges grow in California, and only California sunshine and soil can produce the flavor and quality you get in Sunkist Oranges.

These oranges are picked every day in the year and shipped, fresh, to all parts of the country.

This golden fruit is grown, gathered and shipped by over 8,000 progressive growers, who have co-operated to form the California Fruit Growers Exchange, a wonderful organization, which will be described later in this book.

Now, just a word about the healthfulness of oranges.

If every person would eat one Sunkist Orange a day, he or she would find the resulting benefit really surprising. Increase this number to two or three, and the benefits will be correspondingly multiplied, for this rich, sweet juice is one of Nature's most potent tonics and alteratives.

A pure, live fruit juice, such as oranges afford, should be given liberally to children. Remember, that doctors put orange juice on the diet list of little babies.

Sunkist Oranges peel easily, and the segments may then be separated and eaten from the fingers. When pared with a sharp knife the inner membrane can be removed with the peel, leaving a juicy, brilliantly-colored meat, which may either be sliced or taken out in sections and freed from membrane.

Sunkist Lemons are superior in acidity, flavor, appearance, and general quality. The price is the same as you must pay for ordinary lemons. Therefore, you should insist on seeing the Sunkist wrapper when you order your lemons.

Sunkist Lemons are waxy and bright, practically seedless; therefore, easily sliced without marring, making them an ideal lemon for garnishing.

The value of diluted lemon juice is well appreciated by physicians. It may be taken in cold or hot water, plain or sweetened, to advantage. It clears the throat, sweetens the breath, keeps the gums in a healthy condition, and is excellent for internal disorders, such as biliousness.

The Ideal Diet For Babies.

The Ideal Diet For Babies.

The use of lemon juice to remove kitchen stains from the hands makes a lemon an indispensable article of the toilet. Lemon juice is also valuable in cleaning brass and copper, and in whitening a scoured table or sink. Lemon juice and milk, generously applied to ink stains on white goods, will remove the stains completely.

In pressing the juice from Sunkist Lemons and Oranges, the glass or china squeezers are best and most convenient. The best orangeade is undiluted Sunkist Orange Juice, served in thin glasses, one-third full of cracked ice. For young children, strain the Sunkist Orange Juice through a fine wire strainer or through cheesecloth, and serve in a thick punch-glass.

When recipes call for grated rind of Sunkist Oranges or Lemons, it is important that care be taken to remove only the yellow portion. The white portion of the skin of oranges and lemons is rich in pectin, the substance that causes fruit juices to jell when boiled with sugar. An extraction of this pectin can be added to the juice of strawberries and other fruits, making a firm jelly of what would, otherwise, be only a thick syrup.

Orange and Lemon baskets, shells and cups can be used for serving mixtures. The meat of the fruit should be removed with a teaspoon, and the edges cut with a sharp knife, scissors, or one of the patent cutters. Other methods of cutting lemons for garnishing may be seen in the illustrations. The tub with two handles, filled with Lemon Butter, holds a "tree" of watercress. Sliced lemon, in the case, is made of the peel, cut down in long strips. Sections may easily be removed from the pig when lemon juice is needed on a piece of fish. Chopped parsley, paprika and small pieces of pimento decorate the notched halves of lemon, the slices and sections. A notched slice of lemon with a flower thrust through it is a pretty garnish in the fingerbowl.

Sunkist Orange Juice Extractor.

Sunkist Orange Juice Extractor.

Oranges and lemons are at their best and most beneficial when uncooked, and there are numberless ways of thus using them in the daily menu. They should also be kept on hand to add to the variety of the table by using them in made dishes, as few dishes, of any kind, are complete without a little lemon juice; or, may not be improved by the use of an orange.

Uniformly Good Oranges and LemonsUniformly Good Oranges and Lemons 2

Uniformly Good Oranges and Lemons.

Two things about oranges and lemons should be emphasized:

First, they are very healthful fruits - to which fact your physician will testify.

Second, California oranges are a fresh fruit the year round. They are picked from the trees in California every day throughout the year, and are shipped by fast freight to all the markets of the land. They come to you sealed in Nature's germproof package. They are ripened on the trees, and you can get them fresh every month of the year. Some people are surprised to learn this fact about Sunkist Oranges. It is a very important fact to the thousands of housewives who realize the advantage of fresh, live fruit, not only from the standpoint of flavor, but also of health-fulness.

Sunkist Oranges and Lemons together, as this book proves, lend themselves to scores of attractive recipes and household uses.