Bombe Glace

Line a mold with orange ice, made, if convenient, with blood oranges. Fill centre with whipped cream, sweetened and flavored with vanilla; cover with orange ice, then with buttered paper, buttered side up; then with tight tin cover. Pack in two parts crushed ice, mixed with one part rock salt, and let stand three hours. Unmold, and garnish, if desired, with spun sugar and candy roses.

Orange Ice

2 cups water

1 cup sugar

1/3 cup Sunkist lemon juice

1 cup Sunkist orange juice

Few gratings Sunkist orange rind

Boil water, sugar and Sunkist orange rind five minutes; cool; add Sunkist lemon and orange juice; strain, and freeze, following directions for Lemon Ice.

Honey Mousse

2 Sunkist oranges

1 teaspoon granulated gelatine 1 tablespoon cold water

1 cup strained honey

2 cups heavy cream

Peel Sunkist oranges, removing inner membrane with rind, and cut in small pieces. Soak gelatine in cold water; heat the honey; add gelatine, stirring until dissolved; add orange; remove from fire, and when cold, add cream, beaten stiff. Put in mold; pack in equal parts ice and salt, and let stand three or four hours.

Sunkist Sundae

Put a large spoonful of Orange Sauce, colored red, or made with Sunkist blood oranges, in bottom of a long-stemmed glass, and add a spoonful of vanilla ice-cream. Make a depression in the ice-cream, and put there a spoonful of fresh or preserved fruit; cover with ice-cream, then with heavy cream, beaten stiff. Over all pour more Orange Sauce, and serve at once.

Fruit Milk Sherbet

3 Sunkist lemons

1 cup sugar

2 small bananas 1 1/2 peaches

2 cups milk

1 cup chopped nuts

Squeeze the lemons and strain juice into the sugar; add other fruit pulp, rubbed through a sieve; then add milk and nuts, and freeze as usual. Serve with Iced Orange Sauce.

Orange Cream Sherbet

Grated rind 1 Sunkist orange

2 cups boiling water 1 cup sugar

1 cup Sunkist orange juice Juice 2 Sunkist lemons 1 1/2 cups heavy cream 1/2 cup sugar

Pour boiling water over rind; add one cup sugar; cover closely, and let stand one-half hour; strain; add orange and lemon juice. Freeze to a mush; add cream, beaten until stiff and sweetened with one-half cup sugar, and finish freezing.

Blood Orange Ice-Cream

1 cup heavy cream Sugar

2 cups Sunkist blood orange juice

Add cream, slowly, to orange juice, and sweeten to taste. Freeze like lemon ice. Serve with fresh or canned strawberries, with marsh-mallow cream, or with spun sugar and candy roses.

Sunkist Coupe

1 Sunkist orange

1 banana

2 teaspoons Maraschino syrup Maraschino cherries

1 slice pineapple

1 teaspoon Sunkist lemon juice Few grains salt

Orange or Lemon Ice Powdered sugar

Mix the pulp of the Sunkist orange with pineapple and banana, cut in small pieces; add lemon juice, Maraschino syrup, salt, and powdered sugar, to taste. Fill champagne glasses two-thirds full of fruit, cover with Orange or Lemon Ice, and garnish with cherries.