Candy Caramels

Mary H.

One pint cream, one pound sugar, one cup butter, one-fourth cup chocolate, one cup of molasses.

Chocolate Caramels

Etta C. Springer.

Two pounds sugar, two ounces butter, one cup of cream, boil over a good fire until the syrup is brittle; try in water as you do taffy; then pour it in pans, and when it is most cold cut it in squares.

Chocolate Caramels

One cup of fine granulated sugar, one cup of New Orleans molasses, one-fourth cup of milk, a piece of butter the size of an egg, one cup of chocolate after it is cut up, if made single quantity; if doubled, it is as well not to put the chocolate in till about done, and then the same quantity of this recipe will suffice, as it retains the flavor if not cooked as much. Boil till it will stiffen in water; pour into flat buttered pans to the thickness of half an inch. Use Baker's chocolate.

Chocolate Caramels

Mrs. P. B. Ayer.

Two cups of brown sugar, one cup molasses, one cup chocolate grated fine, one cup boiled milk, one tablespoon of flour; butter the size of a large English walnut; let it boil slowly and pour on flat tins to cool; mark off while warm.