Mrs. S. I. Parker, Channahon, 111.

Blue. - For five pounds of cloth, take five ounces of copperas, with two pails of water in a tin or copper boiler; set it over the fire till the copperas is dissolved and it begins to heat, then put in the cloth, stirring it frequently till it boils, one-half or three-fourths of an hour; then remove the cloth where it can drain; pour away the copperas water and take two ounces of prussiate of potash in about two pails of water in the same vessel; when it is well dissolved and hot, put in the cloth from the copperas water, stirring it thoroughly till it boils, one-half an hour, then remove the cloth; add (with care and caution, on account of the spattering which ensues,) one tablespoon of oil of vitroil, and stir it well in the dye; replace the cloth, stirring it briskly till it has boiled one-half an hour. Should be well rinsed and washed in clear water to prevent the dye from making it tender after coloring.

Yellow. - For five pounds of cloth, dissolve one-half pound of sugar of lead in a tub of warm water and twelve ounces of bichromate of potash in another tub of cold water; soak, rinse, and wring the cloth in the lead water first, then in the other, and return from one to the other till the right shade of color is obtained.

Orange. - Dip the yellow colored cloth into strong lime water - if it should not turn, boil it, rinse all well.

Green. - Put your blue cloth in the yellow dye in the same manner as for coloring yellow. Old calico will take a darker shade of blue or green in the same dye with the white cloth.