Melt two tablespoons of butter, add three slices of onion and saute in it chops from shoulder of mutton. Put in a casserole a quarter cup each of turnips, celery, and onion, lay the chops on top of these vegetables and add a cup of stock or hot water. Cover and cook about one and one-half hours, then season with a saltspoon of salt, an eighth of pepper, add four potatoes cut in slices and parboiled, and more stock if necessary. Cover and cook until tender, then remove cover and brown chops and potatoes. Serve from the casserole, with cinnamon noodles made as follows: Mix one egg stiff with flour and add a pinch of salt. Roll thin and let dry for one-half hour. Cut in half-inch strips and put in boiling water for fifteen minutes. Drain and put in an earthen dish, sprinkle with cinnamon, and bake one-half hour.