Raised Loaf Cake

Mrs. F. D. Gray.

Three cups of milk, two cups of sugar, one cup yeast, flour to make a thick batter. Stand till light ; then add two cups sugar, two cups butter, two eggs, raisins and spices. Stand from one to three hours in the tins.

Loaf Cake

Mrs. John King, Jr.

Four pounds light dough, two pounds sugar, one pound butter, four eggs, one pound stoned and chopped raisins, (sliced citron if you like,) one wine glass brandy or wine, small teaspoon soda, mace or nutmeg; mix sugar and butter with the eggs, well beaten; then with the hands mix the dough to the ingredients, beating very thoroughly; add spices and fruit, and allow to rise before baking, after putting in the pans.

Plainer Loaf Cake. - Six cups light dough, three cups sugar, one and one-half cups butter, three eggs, small tea-spoon of saleratus, spice and fruit as you please; mix as the fruit. Dough for cake should always be light, either bread or biscuit; if biscuit dough is used, a little less shortening is needed, and to insure light cake, the bread should be made from good home-made yeast.

Loaf Cake

Mrs. G. F. De Forrest, Freeport.

Four pounds flour, two pounds sugar, two and a half pounds butter (or one and a quarter pounds butter and three-quarters of a pound lard); three and a half pounds raisins, a little citron; add wine, brandy, four eggs, one teaspoon soda, and spice as you please; rub the butter and sugar together, then take half and work into the flour; add half a pint of domestic yeast; make the dough not quite as stiff as biscuit. When it has well risen, work in the other half of the butter and sugar, with the spices and brandy. When thoroughly light, add the eggs, beaten separately, and the fruit. Let it rise an hour in the tins; bake one and a quarter hours. It will keep all winter if frosted. This rule makes eight loaves.

Loaf Cake

Mrs. C. H. Wheeler.

Two cups light dough, one cup sugar, one cup chopped raisins, small half cup of soft butter, one egg, half a nutmeg, teaspoon of cinnamon; one-half a wine glass of wine or brandy can be added if desired; dissolve one-half tea-spoon of soda in two tablespoons of milk; mix the butter and sugar well into the dough with the hand, before adding the rest of the ingredients; flour the raisins; a little flour may be added if the brandy is used and the cake seems too thin. Mix or stir very thoroughly, and raise about an hour or until it looks light.

Quick Loaf Cake

Mrs. H. M. Buell.

One cup of sugar, one-half of butter, one of milk, one egg, two and one-half cups of flour, one-half teaspoon of soda, one teaspoon of cream tartar.