Pound Cake

Mrs. W. H. Ovington.

One pound of flour, one of sugar, ten eggs; beat the yolks and sugar together; add one pound of butter, putting in the whites beaten to a froth, and the flour last Very nice baked in small patty pans and frosted.

White Pound Cake

Mrs. G. S. Whitaker. One pound sugar, one of flour, fourteen ounces butter, one cup sour milk, or sweet milk with soda or cream tartar mixed in milk, whites of twelve eggs; flavoring and citron.

Imperial Cake

M. A. T. One pound sugar, one of flour, one of butter, ten eggs, one pound almonds, three-quarters of citron cut fine, one glass of brandy and mace; put the fruit in the flour, and bake in thick loaves.

Mountain Pound Cake

Mrs. C. M. Dickerman, Rockford, 111. One pound sugar, one of flour, one-half of butter, six eggs (the whites and yolks beaten separately); three-fourths cup sweet milk, one teaspoon soda, two of cream tartar; sift the soda and cream tartar together into the flour, after sifting the flour; then rub butter and sugar to a cream, and add a part of the whites and yolks of the eggs, also a part of the flour, and then the milk.

Imperial Cake

Mrs. De Forrest.

One pound sugar, one of flour, three-fourths of butter, one of almonds, blanched and cut fine, one-half of citron, one-half of raisins, rind and juice of one lemon, one nutmeg, ten eggs. This is very delicious and will keep for months. Elegant.