Turtle Bean Soup

Mrs. A. N. Arnold.

Take a quart of black beans, wash them and put them in a pot with three quarts of water; boil until thoroughly soft; rub the pulp through a colander and return it to the pot; add some thyme in a clean cloth, and let it boil a few minutes for flavor; slice some hard boiled eggs and drop them into the soup; add a little butter, pepper and salt.

Bean Soup

Mrs. Whitehead.

One pint beans, four quarts water, small piece fat beef; boil three hours and strain. If too thin add one tablespoon flour.

Black Bean Soup

Mrs. John B. Adams.

Boil the beans and strain them; at the same time make your stock (of any kind of meat,) saving the best for force meat balls; to be well seasoned and fried. Put the bean pulp in with the stock and boil; add red pepper, salt and a little thyme, tying it up in a bag to be taken out; cloves to your taste and a little wine. When ready to serve, put the fried balls into the tureen, with two or three sliced hard boiled eggs, and a lemon or two, according to the quantity of soup. Skim out bones and pieces of meat and pour over.

Black Bean Soup

Mrs. H. L. Adams. One pound of the round beef, one-half pound of salt pork, and one quart of black beans; soak the beans twenty-four hours; chop the beef and pork and boil with the beans, one grated carrot and one onion five or six hours; strain and add hard boiled eggs, salt, pepper and sliced lemon.

Potato Soup

M. A. T. Boil five or six potatoes with a small piece of salt pork and a little celery; pass through a colander and add milk or cream (if milk, a little butter,) to make the consistency of thick cream; chop a little parsley fine and throw in ; let boil five minutes; cut some dry bread in small dice, fry brown in hot lard; drain them and place in the bottom of soup tureen, and pour the soup over; chop two onions and boil with the soup, if liked.

Force Meat Balls For Black Bean Soup

Mrs. Baushar. Take cold meat; chop very fine ; add flour enough to make it stick together in balls about the size of a walnut ; roll in flour and fry until brown, and add to the soup just before it is served.

Force Meat Balls

Mrs. James S. Gibbs.

Mix with one pound of chopped veal or other meat, one egg, a little butter or raw pork chopped fine, one cup or less of bread crumbs; the whole well moistened with warm water, or what is better, the water from stewed meat; season with salt and pepper; make in small balls and fry them brown.