Tomato Soup

Mrs. L. H. Smith.

Make one gallon beef stock. Take half peck ripe tomatoes, cut in halves, two carrots, two onions, one turnip cut fine; boil all together for one hour and a half, then strain all through a fine sieve; take a sauce-pan large enough to hold it and put it on the fire with half pound of butter; heat it until of a light brown color, and add two spoons of flour, mixing well together; add to this two spoons of white sugar, salt and pepper to suit taste; stir well until it boils; let it boil and skim it for five minutes, and serve very hot. This recipe serves a large family; usually prepare two quarts of beef stock for a small family, using half the quantity of ingredients.

Aspaeagus Soup

Mrs. D.

Three or four pounds of veal cut fine, a little salt pork, two or three bunches of asparagus and three quarts of water. Boil one-half of the asparagus with the meat, leaving the rest in water until about twenty minutes before serving; then add the rest of the asparagus and boil just before serving; add one pint of milk; thicken with a little flour and season. The soup should boil about three hours before adding the last half of the asparagus.

Green Pea Soup


Four pounds of lean beef cut in small pieces, one-half peck of green peas, one gallon of water; boil the empty-pods of the peas in the water one hour; strain them out; add the beef and boil slowly one and a half hours. Half an hour before serving strain out the meat and add the peas; twenty minutes later add one-half cup of rice flour; salt and pepper to taste; and if you choose, one teaspoon of sugar. After adding the rice, stir frequently to prevent burning.

Corn Soup

Mrs. W. P. Nixon.

One small beef bone, two quarts of water, four tomatoes, eight ears of corn ; let the meat boil a short time in the water; cut the corn from the cob. and put in the cobs with the cut corn and tomatoes; let it boil about half an hour; remove the cobs; just before serving add milk, which allow to boil for a few moments only; season with salt and pepper.

Corn Soup


One quart of corn cut from the cob in three pints of water; when the grain is quite tender, mix with them two ounces of sweet butter rolled in a tablespoon of flour; let it boil fifteen minutes longer; just before taking up the soup, beat up an egg and stir in with pepper and salt.