Cream Pie

Mrs. M. A. Green. Boil nearly one pint of new milk; take two small tablespoons of corn starch beaten with a little milk; to this add two eggs; when the milk has boiled, stir this in slowly with one scant teacup of sugar and one-half cup of butter, two teaspoons of lemon. Cakes: Three eggs, one cup of white sugar, one and a half of flour, one teaspoon of baking powder, mix it in flour; three tablespoons of cold water; bake in two pie-pans in a quick oven; split the cake while hot, and spread in the cream.

Cream Pies

Mrs. L. H. Holbrook.

One cup of flour, one cup of sugar, three or four eggs (the whites and yolks beaten separately and well); half a teaspoon of soda and one of cream of tartar; beat the eggs to a stiff froth; add the sugar, which should be of fine quality, and then the flour sifted with the soda and cream of tartar. Pour this into four common-sized pie tins and bake. It will be sufficient for two pies. Cream: Make a nice custard with one pint of milk, three eggs and one tablespoon of corn starch, cooking the custard in a tin kettle of hot water; before mixing in the corn starch wet it with milk, and add the eggs and sugar; then stir into the boiling milk; flavor to taste, and when cold spread between two layers of the crust.

Cream Pie

Mrs. S. Cornell.

Butter the size of an egg; one cup sugar and two eggs stirred together; then add one-third cup milk, two cups flour, with two teaspoons baking powder, stirred in before sifting into the mixture; bake in two pie tins for two pies. For the filling : One pint milk, taking out enough to wet one-half cup flour, and boil the rest, two-thirds cup sugar and yolks of two eggs; stir the filling mixture together and boil three minutes; when cold flavor with lemon or vanilla, and spread between the upper and lower crusts, when cut smoothly apart. This makes two very delicious pies.

Cream Pie

Mrs. Bartlett,

One cup powdered sugar, one cup flour, one teaspoon cream tartar and one-half teaspoon soda, five eggs beaten separately, grated rind of lemon. Cream: Set in hot water one-half pint of milk; when scalding hot add one-half cup sugar, a little salt and one egg beaten together; stir until thick, and when cool add one tablespoon vanilla put between crusts.