Whig Jumbles

Mrs. W. H. Ovington.

One teacup and a half of butter; three teacups of sugar, one cup of sour cream, four eggs, one teaspoon of soda dissolved in it, six cups of flour, nutmeg; drop in heaping teaspoons on buttered paper in pans.


Mrs. W. H. Ovington.

One pound of butter, one pound of sugar, six eggs, grated peel of a fresh lemon, flour sufficient to make a soft dough; put in teaspoons in papered pans ; on top of each cake put a blanched almond, and some coarse lumps of crushed sugar before baking.

Rich Jumbles

Mrs. Kate Johnson.

One-half pound butter, one-half pound sugar, two eggs well beaten, three-quarters pound flour; have plenty of rolled sugar on the board, and work little lumps of the dough (which is very soft) in it; make into little rings, and turn them over into buttered pans and bake with care; they will keep for two or three months.

Excellent Jumbles

Mrs. J. H. Brown.

One cup butter, two cups sugar, one cup cream, one teaspoon soda, one egg, a little bit of nutmeg, flour enough to stiffen it so as to bake in rings; bake quickly.

Cocoanut Jumbles

Mrs. F.

Two cups of sugar, one of butter, two eggs, small tea-spoon of soda, mixed with the flour, two cups of cocoanut.

Jackson Jumbles

Mrs. C. A. Rogers.

One cup of butter, one cup cream, three cups of sugar, five eggs, five cups of flour.

Sand Tarts

Mrs. W. H. Ovington.

One pound sugar, three-fourths pound of butter, two eggs, flour enough to make very stiff: roll them out and wet the tops with whites of eggs, then put two almonds on each one; sprinkle over them cinnamon and sugar.