Boiled Potatoes

Old potatoes are better for being peeled and put in cold water an hour before being put over to boil. They should then be put into fresh cold water, when set over the fire. New potatoes should always be put into boiling water, and it is best to prepare them just in time for cooking. Are better steamed than boiled.

Mashed Potatoes

Mrs. F. D. J.

Peel the potatoes, and let them stand in cold water for half an hour; then put in the steamer over boiling water and cook them until mealy and quite tender. Have ready an earthen basin, or a bright tin pan, into which you will put your potatoes, so that while mashing and preparing, they can be kept on the stove and hot. Now mash well and finely with the potato-masher, and then 6eason with salt; allow a generous piece of butter, and lastly, add a teacup of rich milk; mix altogether well, and then take up on a deep dish.

There will now be three or four ways to finish this, and which are, first by putting a little butter on the top, after smoothing nicely, and putting it a moment at the mouth of the oven, and then serving quite hot; or, you may put it into the oven, which should be quick and hot, and bake the crust of a rich brown. Or, again, the top may be scored a golden brown with steel bars made for this purpose. Or, lastly, after mashing the potato, put it into a mold and shape it; then loosen it from the mold and turn it on to a flat piece of sheet iron, large enough to cover the bottom of the mold with handles at the sides. Then have ready hot lard in which you immerse the molded potato and fry a rich golden brown. Take out and with a knife under, slide carefully on your platter. Garnish the dish around with curled parsley leaves. If the potato is put in the oven to brown, it should be put in a baking plate and may be sent to the table in the dish in which it is baked, with a knitted cover over.

Potatoes And Cream

Mince cold boiled potatoes fine; put them into a spider with melted butter in it; let them fry a little in the butter well covered; then put in a fresh piece of butter, season with salt and pepper, and pour over cream or rich milk; let it boil up once and serve.

Potatoes Fried

Mrs. A.

Pare potatoes; cut in pieces one-half inch wide, and as long as the potato; keep them in cold water till wanted; drop in boiling lard; when nearly done, take them out with a skimmer and drain them; boil up the lard again, and drop them back, and fry till done ; this makes them puff up; sprinkle with salt and serve very hot.

Saratoga Fried Potatoes

Cut into thin slices; put them in cold water over night with a small piece of alum to make them crisp; rinse in cold water, and dry with crash towel; fry light brown in boiling lard

Potato Croquettes

Take finely mashed potato and mix through it sufficient salt, pepper and butter to season well, with sweet milk or cream to moisten; mix thoroughly with this one beaten egg, and then make up into small rolls, being careful to have the surface perfectly smooth. Have ready one plate with a beaten egg upon it, and another with cracker crumbs. Dip each roll into the egg and then into the crumbs, and fry of a rich golden brown in hot lard. Lay the croquettes on brown paper first, and serve on a napkin.