Fruit Pudding

Mrs. Taylor, Ft. Wayne. One quart of flour, two tablespoons of butter, one tea-spoon of salt, two teaspoons of baking powder; make a soft dough of milk or water, roll out thin and spread with fruit; roll it up and boil three-quarters of an hour.

Steamed Plum Pudding.

Mrs. J. W. Farlin.

One and one-fourth cup beef suet, two cups raisins, four cups flour, one cup milk, one cup molasses, one tea-spoon soda, one teaspoon salt. Season with nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and allspice to taste; steam four hours. Do not uncover the steamer, but raise occasionally to fill the kettle with boiling water.

Plum Pudding.

Mrs. H. E. Houghton. One cup suet, one cup sweet milk, one cup molasses, one cup sugar, one cup currants, two and a half cups raisins, four cups flour, one teaspoon cinnamon, one tea-spoon cloves, one teaspoon spice, one teaspoon soda; boil three hours.

Plum Pudding.

Mrs. H. S. Towle.

One pint chopped suet, one pint sour apples, one pint raisins, one pint currants, one-half pint sugar, one-half pint sweet milk, one cup of citron; beat eight eggs and mix with the above, and add sufficient flour to make it stick together; boil three hours in a cloth bag. Serve with brandy sauce.

English Fruit Pudding

Mrs. H. S. Bristol.

One pound currants, one pound stoned raisins, one pound sugar, one pound suet, two pounds of grated or soaked bread, six eggs, one-half teaspoon saleratus, one teaspoon salt, and one grated nutmeg; crumb the soft part of the bread fine; soak the crust with boiling milk, or water will do; beat up the eggs and put all together, mixing thoroughly with a spoon, take a square piece of cotton cloth and lay it in a tin pan, put the pudding into the cloth and tie down close; put into a pot of boiling water, and boil five hours; as the water boils away, keep adding more.

English Plum Pudding

M. Walker.

One pound raisins (stoned), one pound of currants, one pound suet very finely chopped, one pound flour, seven eggs, two wineglasses brandy, three of sweet wine, sugar and spice to taste (it may require a little sweet milk); tie it tightly in a well floured cloth, which should be first dipped in hot water, and boil four hours, or it may be boiled in a pudding form.

Plum Pudding

Mrs. E. Hempstead. One pint raisins, one pint currants, one pint suet, one pint flour, one-half pint bread crumbs, one cup milk, five eggs, spices to taste, a little candied orange and lemon; mix all together and boil three hours. To be eaten with wine sauce.