"And solid pudding against empty praise."

Eve's Pudding

If you want a good pudding, mind what you are taught;

Take eggs, six in number, when bought for a groat;

The fruit with which Eve her husband did cozen,

Well pared, and well chopped, at least half a dozen ;

Six ounces of bread, let Moll eat the crust,

And crumble the rest as fine as the dust;

Six ounces of currants, from the stem you must sort,

Lest you break out your teeth, and spoil all the sport;

Six ounces of sugar won't make it too sweet,

Some salt and some nutmeg will make it complete;

Three hours let it boil without any flutter,

But Adam won't like it without wine and butter.

Suet Pudding

Mrs. E. R. Harmon.

One cup of suet chopped fine, one cup chopped raisins, one cup of molasses, one cup of sweet milk, three tea-spoons baking powder; spice to your taste; four cups of flour; mix and steam three hours.

Suet Pudding

Mrs. Bartlett.

One cup suet, one cup sugar, one cup milk, one cup chopped raisins, three cups flour, one teaspoon salt, one teaspoon soda; spice to taste; boil three hours.

Suet Pudding

Mrs. J. H. Brown.

Two cups of chopped suet, two of raisins, two of molasses, four of flour, one of milk, three teaspoons of baking powder; boil three and one-half hours; eat while hot. Sauce for same: One cup of sugar, one-half of butter, one egg, one tablespoon of wine or vinegar; beat fifteen minutes and heat to a scald.

Suet Pudding

Mrs. Henry Stevens.

One teacup of suet chopped fine, one teacup of mo-lasses, one teacup of sweet milk, three and a half teacups of flour, one cup fruit, one teaspoon soda; steam two hours. Sauce for same : One coffee cup pulverized sugar, one-half teacup butter: stir these to a cream; place the dish in a kettle of boiling water; stir in white of one egg beaten to a stiff froth: one teaspoon of vanilla; serve hot.

Suet Pudding

Mrs. Banks.

Three cups flour, one cup suet, one cup molasses, one cup sweet milk, one cup raisins, one and a half teaspoons soda; three hours hard boiling in a bag or pudding dish.

Mrs. W. Butterfield. One cup of suet, one cup of molasses, one cup of milk, one cup of raisins, three and a half cups of flour, one egg, one tablespoon of cloves, one tablespoon of cinnamon, one nutmeg, a little salt, one teaspoon of soda (dissolve in the milk); steam three hours.