Chicken Salad

Mrs. Chas. Wheeler.

To one chicken use the same quantity of celery, three            or four eggs, one tablespoon mixed mustard, one teaspoon of salt, two of celery seed, one tablespoon of hard butter; two-thirds teacup vinegar, four tablespoons table oil, two. thirds cup sweet cream. Process of making: Season your chicken in cooking, cut by hand both chicken and celery, then beat the yolks and whites of eggs separately, into that beat the oil slowly. Then mix all the ingredients in an earthen or new tin dish, except the cream, and set on the stove. Cook until as thick as pound-cake. When cold add the cream, stirring well, and pour over the chicken and celery one hour before eating. Do not be afraid of cooking too thick.

Chicken Salad

Mary Norton.

Take the breasts of four well boiled chickens, cut in small pieces, but not too fine; mix with the chicken eight teacups of celery cut also in small pieces, and with the above, the chopped whites of twelve hard boiled eggs.

For dressing, the yolks of four raw eggs; beat into them half of an ordinary sized bottle of olive oil, beginning with a teaspoon, and adding no more than that at a time, until it is all thoroughly mixed; then add the well mashed and pulverized yolks of twelve eggs, salt and pepper, three tablespoons mustard, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and a gill of vinegar; then stir this dressing thoroughly into the mixed chicken celery and whites of eggs.

Sweet Bread Salad

Mrs. D. C. B.

Four hard boiled eggs, one raw egg, three tablespoons of salad oil, one teaspoon of salt, one of pepper, two of sugar, two of mixed mustard, one-half a teacup of vinegar, one calfs sweet bread, and two heads of lettuce. For dressing, mash the yolks and mix the oils thoroughly in them; then add the raw egg well beaten; mix the other ingredients in slowly and thoroughly, adding the vinegar last. Boil the sweet bread thoroughly until tender; pick it up in small pieces; break the lettuce also in small pieces, and then put in a dish alternate layers of lettuce and sweet bread and dressing. Use the whites of the eggs sliced over the top.

For salmon salad, use the same dressing, omitting the sweet breads, and substituting salmon. Put the salmon on a platter, pour over it the dressing and garnish with celery leaves.

Veal Salad

Mrs. G. E. P. Boil veal until very tender, chop fine and stir into it a nice salad dressing; put in a shallow dish and garnish with slices of lemon and celery ; a little chopped cabbage or lettuce may be added, if desired. Boiled ham chopped and seasoned and served in the same manner, is a very nice dish.