Take two pints new milk, curdle it either by slow heat, or by rennet, lemon juice, fig juice, or bruised nettles. Turn the curd into a cheese cloth or butter muslin (coarse canvas will do), previously scalded, tie loosely and hang up to drain. After three or four hours tie again tighter. In twelve hours it is fit to eat, but if preferred it can be pressed and turned every day till as firm as ordinary cheese.

Nut Cutlets - Boil two ounces of butter in rather less than half-pint of milk.Add three ounces of dried browned breadcrumbs (or brown breadcrumbs). Cook till it does not stick to the pan. When cool add two ounces of ground walnuts, almonds or Barcelona nuts, seasoning to taste, and a little chopped onion or chives. Mix thoroughly and shape into cutlets or balls. Roll in flour, or in egg and breadcrumb, and fry in butter. Serve with tomato sauce, walnut gravy, or for children with bread sauce.

If the same dish is prepared with white breadcrumbs, and a little good melted butter sauce used for mixing, it looks and tastes very like chicken croquettes.