A garden makes a very great saving in the weekly books and enables a family to live well with much less meat. A leg of mutton is a much more economical joint than a shoulder or a neck; but for a small family it generally means so much cold meat. The following method of dealing with a leg of mutton, out of one of my old books, may be suggestive to some: -

First Day

Cut off the knuckle, boil it slowly, cover it with caper sauce; serve with mashed turnips and carrots.

Second Day

Cut a steak off the large end and broil it; serve with maltre-d'hotel butter and fried potatoes or onions.

Third Day

Cut some cutlets off the side near the knuckle, breadcrumb, and fry; serve with brown sauce. Puree of greens or puree of chestnuts. Beetroot hot or cold.

Fourth Day

Bone and stuff the fillet, which is to be roasted (put the bone into the liquor that boiled the knuckle); serve with the roast-meat, jelly, jam or apple sauce, mashed potatoes, white beans and salad.

Fifth Day

Hash part of the remainder in a good brown sauce made with the reduced liquor from bone, thicken with burnt flour, and add minced olives, gherkins, or mushrooms ;mashed potatoes.

Sixth Day

The remainder minced in shells or small pots, breadcrumb, and brown in the oven; serve with cold potatoes fried up, macaroni and sultanas, or rice.