Make some sponge cake and toast it dry and crisp in a slow oven ; cut it into convenient pieces, allowing two for each person, and spread thickly with good quince marmalade or jelly. Take ten lumps of white sugar, and about two tablespoonfuls of water to dissolve them. Whisk eight yolks of eggs in a bain marie, and then add to them the boiling dissolved sugar syrup. Whisk all hard for ten minutes or longer in a bain marie in a pan of hot water. Have the hot cake pieces nicely arranged in a silver dish for choice, or a white china one, and pour over the frothy sauce just before serving. Sponge rusks will do instead of sponge cake, and a little liqueur or wine can be sprinkled over them before adding the sauce, and this improves the sweet; but do not let them be too damp and soft - they should be crisp under the froth.