How To Boil Potatoes

The best potatoes are good boiled without paring, but even they, are best pared; and poor potatoes are unfit to eat, boiled with the skins on. New potatoes are made watery by being laid in water, but late in the winter and in the spring they should be pared and laid in cold water an hour or two before they are cooked. Put them into boiling water, with salt in it, and allow thirty or forty minutes for boiling, according to the size. "When they are done through, pour off the Water, and take the kettle to the door or window, and shake them. Doing this in the open air makes them mealy; return them to the fire a minute or two, and then serve. Many persons take a fork and break them up in the kettle, before taking them up, and they make a beautiful looking dish done in this way.

Potatoes require nearly an hour to bake in a cooking stove or range.

Mashed Potatoes

Boil them according to the directions in the preceding receipt, allowing twenty minutes more time before dinner, than if they were to be put on the table whole. When they are dried, set off the kettle and mash them in it with a wooden pestle. This is better than to take them into a pan, as they will keep hot in the kettle. Have ready a gill or two of hot milk or cream; if you use milk, put a small piece of butter into it. Sprinkle salt into the potato and mash it till it is perfectly fine; then pour in the hot milk and mix it thoroughly. The more it is wrought with the pestle, the whiter it becomes. Put it into the dish for the table, smooth the top into proper shape, and set it into the stove to brown. To prepare it in the nicest manner, beat the yolk of an egg and spread over the top before putting it into the stove. If you do not care to take all this trouble, it is very good without being browned.

Potatoe Balls

Mash boiled potatoes fine, stir into them the yolk of an egg, and make them into balls; then dip them into a beaten egg, roll them in cracker crumbs, and brown them in a quick oven; or, fry them in a small quantity of nice drippings, and in that case flatten them so that they can be easily turned, and browned both sides.

Old Potatoes

When potatoes are poor, as they often are in the spring, pare, soak, and boil them as directed in the first receipt. Then take two together in a coarse cloth, squeeze and wring them.

Potatoes Fried Whole

Boil them till nearly done; then brown in pork-fat, turning often. Or roll them in flour, then dip in a beaten egg and fine crumbs, and fry in as much lard or beef-drippings as you would doughnuts. Potatoes may be fried whole without previous cooking, but will require nearly as much time as boiled potatoes.

How To Fry Potatoes

Pare and slice very thin raw potatoes. Some persons cut them around and around, like an apple-paring. Have ready, heated, the fat of baked ham, pork-fat, or lard. The fire should not be so hot as to scorch the fat. Stir the potatoes occasionally until brown; then drain from the fat, sprinkle salt over, and lay them in a well heated dish. A hot dish is indispensable in serving potatoes.

Chopped Potatoes, Fried

Chop cold boiled potatoes; have a slice or two of pork fried crisp in a spider; then take it out, and put in the potato and brown it.

Cold Potatoes

Never throw away cold potatoes. Cold boiled potatoes are best to fry, and require less time than raw ones; but they should be sliced thicker. Skin baked potatoes while yet| warm. These are excellent for meat-hashes, or to heat in milk. It is also a nice way to chop them fine, sprinkle with salt, and fry in pork-fat or butter. Press the mass down in the spider; let it remain till heated through, and the lower surface is browned; or stir occasionally with a fork till suf ficiently heated and browned.

Potatoes Broiled

Slice cold boiled potatoes half an inch thick, and brown on a wire gridiron. Season with salt, butter, and pepper.

Potatoes Heated In Milk

To make a very good dish for breakfast, cut cold potatoes quite small, and put them into a saucepan or spider, with milk enough almost, but not entirely, to cover them. When the milk becomes hot, stir and mash the potatoes with a large spoon until there are no lumps. Add salt, and a small bit of butter, stir it often, until it is as dry as you wish to have it. It is a nicer dish, when prepared with so much milk that a good deal of stirring is necessary to make it dry, than if done in but a small quantity.

Potatoes And Ham

Fry a slice of ham; lay it upon a heated platter, and set where it will keep hot. In the fat fry cold potatoes, sliced, and when brown, arrange them on the dish around the ham.

Always save the fat of baked or fried ham. None is so good in which to fry potatoes.

Potatoes Lyonaise

Boil in water just to cover them seven potatoes; then sliced sprinkle with salt, and fry them. Slice also half an onion, and fry brown. When cooked sufficiently, add a few drops of vinegar; mix the onion with the potato, and serve very hot.

Sweet Potatoes

They are best baked; are very nice boiled till tender, and then pared and laid into the oven to brown. They require more time for being cooked, than the common potatoe. Cold sweet potatoes are excellent sliced and browned on the griddle. When one side is done, sprinkle salt over before turning them.