German Puffs

For a pint of milk allow six yolks and three whites of eggs, four large spoonfuls of flour, one of melted butter, a little salt, and half a nutmeg. Mix the flour smooth in a little of the milk, then add the remainder, the eggs well beaten, and the other ingredients. Bake in cups half filled. When done, turn them out in a dish, and pour over them a sauce made as follows: -

Beat the reserved whites to a stiff froth, mix with them three large spoonfuls of fine sugar, half a cup of hot water, and the juice of half a lemon.

An English Berry Pudding

Mix one quart of flour with two quarts of whortleberries.

Add a pint of molasses and two teaspoonfuls of salt. Boil in a tin pudding-pan, buttered, and set in a kettle of hot water for five hours. Eat with sauce, or sugar and cream. Make half the quantity for a very small family.

German Plum Pudding

Put to a quart of boiled milk twelve medium sized crackers, a quarter of a pound of suet chopped fine, a pound of stoned and chopped raisins, a pound of currants, two tea-spoonfuls of salt, and a cup of molasses. Steam it in a tin pudding-pan, or boil in a buttered bowl, a cloth tied close over it. Cook three hours and a half. Eaten with sauce.