Banana Salad

Peel one banana for each person; leave whole or cut in halves lengthwise; roll in salad dressing, place on lettuce; sprinkle with chopped nut meats and garnish with cherries.

Mrs. E. Chase.

Beet Salad

Dice 6 cooked beets; cover with French Dressing, let stand one hour. Chop whites of 4 hard boiled eggs until fine; press yolks through sieve or ricer. Arrange beets in mounds on lettuce. Garnish base of each mound with alternating rows of white and yolk of eggs. Parsley may be added.

Mrs. E. L. Buell.

Cheese Salad

Mix cream cheese with walnut meats. Moisten with cream; shape into balls. Chill. Shred head-lettuce; arrange in nests; place five balls in each nest; sprinkle with finely chopped parsley. Pass French Dressing with this salad.

Mrs. E. L. Buell.

Pineapple Cheese Salad

Place 1 slice Hawaiian pineapple on a lettuce leaf; cover top with grated cheese, and fill center with a Maraschino cherry; add 1 teaspoon of salad dressing.

Mrs. A. Montgomery.

Cottage Cheese Salad

Put 1 heaping cupful cottage cheese into strainer to drain. Chop 12 stuffed olives, 1/4 cup walnut meats, and 1/2 green pepper; add to cheese and mix with 1/2 cup boiled salad dressing. Fill 2 or 3 large green peppers from which the seeds have been removed. Chill. When ready to serve cut in thick slices and place on lettuce. Small peppers may be used; 1 to a person. Mrs. Thomas.

Cherry And Cheese Salad

On each plate place a lettuce leaf, on which put 5 or 6 large dark red California cherries that have been pitted and filled with cream cheese; with these, on side of plate place a ball of cheese and square of marshmallow rolled in nut meats and a spoonful of salad dressing. Serve with salted wafters.

Mrs. McKean.

Cherry Salad

Use large white cherries; put 1 blanched almond in each. Serve on lettuce with Mayonnaise, to which whipped cream has been added. Mrs. E. I. Chase.

Chicken Salad

Mix 2 cups of chicken meat, cut in small pieces with 2 cups celery, cut small. Moisten with French Dressing. Chill. Arrange in salad bowl; cover with Mayonnaise, and garnish with hard-boiled eggs cut in slices. Mrs. E. L. Buell.

Combination Salad

Take 1 head celery, 1/2 lb. dates (stoned), 1/2 lb. nut meats (not almond). Chop all in small pieces; mix and add pulp of 3 grapefruit; arrange on crisp lettuce and garnish with Mayonnaise. Ivie Kalbfleisch Barker.

Stuffed Celery

Take Philadelphia cream cheese, or cottage cheese, add 1/2 cup chopped nut meats, and a little salad dressing. Stuff stalks of celery. Mrs. E. I. Chase.

Hot Dutch Salad

Use 8 cold boiled potatoes, 1 large onion, 3 slices bacon, 1/3 cup vinegar. Slice potato and onion thin, cut bacon in small pieces and fry crisp; add vinegar and pour over potato and onion. Add pepper and salt. Cucumbers, sweet pepper and celery may be added. Garnish with hard-boiled eggs and parsley. Mrs. Kalbfleisch.