Various classifications of frozen products have been proposed. Sommer gives the following classification of ice cream and related frozen products:

1. Plain Ice Cream

2. Nut Ice Cream

3. Fruit Ice Cream

4. Bisque Ice Cream

5. Mousse

6. Parfait or New York Ice Cream

7. Puddings

8. Custards

9. Ices

10. Sherbets

Sommer stresses that classification is based on composition rather than ingredients used.

Plain or Philadelphia ice cream has ingredients and composition as previously given for commercial ice cream. It may be flavored with a variety of flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate, maple.

Nut or fruit ice creams are plain ice cream with nuts or fruit added.

Bisque is made from a plain cream basis with such additions as macaroons, grape nuts, dried and broken sponge cake, or marshmallows.

A mousse has a whipped cream base.

Parfait, or New York ice cream, is made from the same ingredients as plain cream except the amount of egg used is sufficient to produce a distinctly yellow color. In some states the amount of egg yolk is specified.

Puddings differ from fruit ice cream in containing a mixture of fruits and to justify the name pudding should have eggs in amounts similar to New York ice cream.

Ices are made from fruit juices diluted with water and sweetened.

Sherbets are made from the same ingredients as ices with the exception that milk, cream, or ice cream is used in place of part or all of the water to dilute the fruit juices.