Home-Made Yeast

Stir one-half pint of flour to a smooth batter with one-half pint of cold water. Over this pour one quart of boiling water, pouring slowly and stirring rapidly. Place over the fire, and cook four or five minutes. Add two level tablespoonfuls of sugar and one of salt. When cooled to 750 F., add one ounce of compressed yeast, or one pint of home-made yeast. Keep as nearly 75 ° F. as possible for twenty-four hours, stirring down once in four or five hours. Keep in a glass jar in a cool place. The jar must be thoroughly washed and scalded before putting fresh yeast into it.

Bread with Home-Made Yeast

Quick Process. - One cup of good home-made yeast, one cup of milk and water (one-half cup of each) and two level teaspoonfuls of salt. Have the temperature of liquid and flour 75° F. and make into a dough stiff enough to handle without flour, let rise three hours, or until double in size, keeping always at 75° F., and when risen, mould into loaves, let rise one hour and bake.

Bake a small loaf forty-five minutes, or a larger one one hour.

Compressed Yeast Bread No. 1

To make bread with compressed yeast, break a one-half ounce cake of compressed yeast into small pieces in a cup, and cover with cold water. Place in a bowl one pint of liquid, - one-half milk and one-half water. Make the temperature of the mixture 75° F. Into this liquid put two level teaspoonfuls of salt, stir in a cup of sifted flour; stir the yeast and water in the cup, and pour into this; put in another cup of flour, and beat it well. Continue to stir in flour, keeping sides of bowl clean, and kneading with the spoon until nearly stiff enough. Then bathe the hands, wipe them dry, flour the board, and knead the dough until it ceases to adhere to the hands or board when no flour is used. Grease the bowl with some nice-flavored fat and treat the top of dough after putting into the bowl in the same way. Cover the bowl with a white cloth, set on the kitchen table and allow the dough to rise. See that the air is not cooler or warmer than 75° F. Let the dough rise three hours, or until it is double its original size, knead well and mold into loaves, put in greased pans, grease over the top, let rise one hour, when it will again double its size if properly manipulated, and bake.

Bread Pans, Roll Pans, Stick Pans

Bread Pans, Roll Pans, Stick Pans

Compressed Yeast Bread No. 2

Put into an earthen bowl one pint of water luke-warm in winter, but' cold in summer, and stir in flour until a batter is formed, then stir in one one-half ounce cake of compressed yeast and two level teaspoonfuls of salt. See that the mixture is at 75° F., and let stand at that temperature for two hours; then stir in one pint of sweet milk, keeping temperature at 75° F., and finish exactly as in compressed yeast bread No. 1. This formula makes four loaves of bread.