Chocolate Frosting No. 2

Cook and add chocolate same as in chocolate frosting

No. I, and while still boiling hot pour over the beaten white of one egg and continue beating until it thickens so it will not run off the cake, then turn it on and spread with a knife heated in a pitcher of boiling water. All things must be ready, as this hardens quickly, and, unless knife and water are at hand, one cannot use them successfully.

Caramel Frosting, or Milk Frosting

Glucose, one teaspoonful; brown sugar, one cup; sweet milk, one-fourth cup; butter, one teaspoonful; vanilla extract, one-half teaspoonful. Boil until it will make a soft ball in cold water. Pour into a bowl, let cool a little, add flavoring, beat until it begins to thicken, then pour over the cake.

Water or Frnit-Juice Frosting

One-half cup of powdered sugar. Moisten with hot fruit-juice or water until it can be spread. Flavor with corresponding extract and pour on the cake.

Cold Cream Frosting

Moisten powdered sugar to the spreading stage with sweet cream, heat over water until it melts, then spread on cake.

Milk Frosting

Two cups of granulated sugar, one cup of sweet milk. Boil until stringy, then beat with egg beater until thick. Spread over top of cake. Then spread over this, when cool enough, one-half cake of chocolate, melted.

Milk Frosting - For Class Work

One-half cup of granulated sugar, one-fourth cup of sweet milk. Put over the fire and cook until stringy, then beat with dover beater until thick, flavor and pour on the cake immediately.

White of Egg Icing for Cake

One measure of egg to four measures of confectioners' sugar. Put in two or three tablespoonfuls of sugar before beginning to beat; as mixed, add more, and so continue until all is used. Do not beat much before all is in, then beat until, when you let it stream from the spoon, it will show the rings for a short time. If orange colored frosting is desired, use the yolk of the egg instead of the white. This is a very desirable frosting.

Gum Arabic Icing

Soak four ounces of gum arabic in one cup of cold water. When dissolved, strain into a double boiler, and add one-half a pound of confectioners' sugar, and cook until it makes a firm ball in cold water. Remove from the fire, pour the liquid over the stiffly-beaten whites of three eggs, and beat as in boiled icing. Before frosting the cake, dust the edges with powdered sugar to prevent the icing running down the sides, let cool somewhat before putting on, and beat all the time it is cooling.

To Glace Fruit

One cup of sugar, one tablespoonful of white wine vinegar, two tablespoonfuls of water. Put together and boil to the cracking stage. Remove from the fire, dip cherries or some other fruit with an unbroken surface, and suspend by a string to drain. Glaced fruits will keep only a short time.

To Glace Nuts

Select unbroken kernels, and blanch and dry them. Then proceed in same manner as with fruit.

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Interior of Dining Room

Interior of Dining Room