Nut Filling for Layer Cake

Chop fine equal parts of citron and English walnuts, soak full of lemon juice, thicken with powdered sugar, and spread on the layers of cake.

Orange Filling for Cake

Juice of two oranges, with grated peel of one (or substitute extract), one cup of sugar, two tablespoonfuls of butter, two eggs. Beat the yolks light, add the sugar, butter, and orange juice, stir over the fire until it thickens, then fold in the whites, which have been beaten stiff. Spread between the layers of cake.

Banana Filling for Cake

Add one teaspoonful of lemon juice to the white of egg icing for cake. Spread on the cake, slice bananas and press into the frosting, put on another layer of cake, and so on until all the layers are on.

Fruit Filling for Layer Cake

Cut fine equal parts of figs and seeded raisins. Cook in as little orange juice as will prevent burning. Flavor with cinnamon, mace, and preserved ginger, and put between the layers of cake.

Cooked Fillings for Layer Cake

One cup milk, one egg, yolk and white beaten separately, two tablespoonfuls of cornstarch, one and one-half tablespoonfuls of sugar, a dust of salt. Flavor to taste. Mix the cornstarch with the sugar and add it to the boiling milk, cook until the cornstarch does not taste raw, then pour it over the well-beaten yolk; return to the fire and cook one minute, pour this over the egg white, which has been beaten as for a meringue, with one-half table-spoonful of sugar, fold the two together, cool slightly and spread on the cake.

Frosting for Cakes

There are many varieties of frostings for cakes. The following will illustrate the principal ones: Boiled frosting with egg and without egg; white of egg frosting; ornamental frosting; milk frosting (cooked); caramel frosting; cream frosting (uncooked) ; water or fruit-juice frosting; gelatine frosting. The first three are most desirable for home use.

Boiled Frosting Without Eggs

One-half cup sugar, one-fourth cup of water. Boil until it will form a soft ball, then cool until the finger can touch the top without adhering, flavor, stir until proper consistency for spreading, then pour on cake. If it hardens while beating, set the bowl in hot water, and stir until it melts again.

Boiled Frosting With Eggs

One egg white, beaten stiff, one cup of sugar, and half a cup of water. Boil until it will form a soft ball in cold water, then pour in small stream on beaten egg white, beating all the time until proper consistency for spreading.

Chocolate Frosting No. 1

Boil one cup of sugar with one-half cup of water to the hairing stage, remove from the fire, and while boiling hot beat into it one and one-half squares of grated chocolate, which have been melted in a bowl set over the teakettle while the syrup was cooking, flavor with vanilla, beat, and when thickened so that it will not run off the cake pour over it. If stirred too long, it will harden too quickly to spread.