Ginger Snaps

One cup of lard, two cups of molasses, one level table-spoonful of ginger, two cups flour. Put lard and molasses together, and when it boils stir in the ginger, cool a very little, then stir in the flour. Let get perfectly cold, then roll very thin, and bake in a hot oven. Be careful that they do not burn. Things containing molasses burn readily.

Ginger Snaps - Class Rule

Two tablespoonfuls of lard, one-fourth of a cup of molasses, one generous teaspoonful of ginger, one-eighth teaspoonful of salt, one-half cup of flour. Put the lard and molasses over the fire and when boiling put in the ginger and stir thoroughly. When cooled a little stir the flour into it and allow to get perfectly cold and stiff before rolling. Roll very thin and bake in an oven a little cooler than for white cookies, as they burn readily.

Cookies with Soda

Three cups of flour, one cup of sour cream, two cups of sugar, two level tablespoonfuls of butter, one-half tea-spoonful soda, and a little salt, one teaspoonful (scant) lemon extract. Bake in quite a hot oven. Let set on bottom of oven until well risen and brown on bottom, then place a few minutes on the grate.

Cookies - For Class Work.

One-half cup of sour cream, one cup of sugar, one tablespoonful of butter, one-fourth teaspoonful of soda, a little salt, scant half teaspoonful of extract. Make soft as it is possible to roll out, using plenty of flour.

Cookies with Baking Powder

One-fourth cup butter, one-half cup sugar, two table-spoonfuls of milk, one egg, one teaspoonful of baking powder, one cup flour. Cream the butter and sugar, add the milk and unbeaten egg and the flavoring, then beat in the flour same as in making cake. Add the baking powder, mixed with a little of the flour, last. Roll and bake in a quick oven.

Oatmeal Cookies - Mrs. Green

Three cups of rolled oats, one cup of wheat flour, four teaspoonfuls of milk, one cup of butter, two eggs, two teaspoonfuls of baking powder, two teaspoonfuls of vanilla, one cup of sugar. Mix quite stiff, and drop from a spoon in greased pans. Bake slowly about half an hour.


One cup of sugar, one-half cup of water. Boil until it will thread, then pour boiling hot over the well-beaten white of one egg, flavor with rose water, and, when stiff enough to lay up in teaspoonsfuls on oiled paper, put into a very moderate oven and cook or dry for about twenty minutes.

Cocoanut Macaroons

One cup of dessicated cocoanut, one-half cup of pulverized sugar, two level tablespoonfuls of cornstarch, two egg whites. Mix sugar and cornstarch, fold into the well-beaten egg whites, stir in the cocoanut, and bake on buttered paper in a slow oven not less than forty minutes.

Almond Macaroons

Two ounces of almond paste, or one-sixth of a pound of almonds, one egg white, one-fourth cup (generous) of powdered sugar, one-fourth teaspoonful of extract of almond or orange flower water, used to prevent oiling when the almonds are pounded. Blanch, dry, grind, and pound the almonds, adding extract or water and sugar gradually. When the nuts are fine, add the whites beaten almost stiff, and beat well together. Use one teaspoonful of water to one-half pound of nuts. Never use more than a teaspoonful of extract to a half pound of nuts. May use both the extract and the water. The whites of two eggs is sufficient for half a pound, unless eggs are very small. Try. the mixture, and if too soft to form, add a few more nuts. For baking, oil the pan, then rub off all you can, and flour it. The dough is best put on with a pastry bag, but may be put on from a teaspoon, and smoothed with a knife and hot water. Much depends on a very moderate oven in baking. Leave in the oven fifteen to twenty minutes, or until a delicate brown. It is easier to beat the egg whites in a bowl, adding the sugar and nuts alternately, and continue the beating until the mixture will stand. Then add the extract, put into little balls, and smooth with a knife wet in hot water.

When using almond paste, use a little less sugar and four egg whites to half a pound of paste. In using the paste, it is better to take the second rule for mixing, viz., make a frosting of egg whites and sugar, and stir paste into it.