Sponge Cake - Mrs. Ewing

Weigh ten eggs. Take equal weight of sugar, finely granulated preferred. One-half as much by weight of flour as sugar. Juice of one lemon with most of peel grated. Beat eggs separately. Leave out two of the yolks. Beat yolks as light as possible, add to them the lemon juice, and about two-thirds of the sugar, and into this stir the flour. Beat the whites very light, and add to them the remainder of the sugar, fold this into the mixture of yolks, lemon juice, and flour. Bake in a slow oven forty-five minutes or more.

Angel Cake - For Home Work

One cup white of egg, one cup winter wheat flour, one and one-fourth cups of fine granulated sugar, one level teaspoonful of cream of tartar, one teaspoonful of almond extract. Eggs vary so much in size that it is better to take a certain measure of the white than a definite number of eggs. Put the measured whites in an earthen bowl, break lightly with an egg whip, sift in the cream of tartar, and beat until the eggs will cling to the bowl and not slip out if the bowl is turned upside down. Add the extract. Then fold sugar and flour, which have been sifted together, into the egg, sifting it in gradually, and stirring only enough to combine it with the egg. Put the mixture in an ungreased pan, the bottom of which has been covered with white paper, place carefully in an oven of moderate temperature, and cover with a baking sheet or tin, so as to protect the top of the cake, but not exclude the air. Remove the cover in half an hour, when the cake should be perfectly risen, and bake half an hour longer. When taken from the oven, turn the pan bottom upwards, and if it has no legs, rest it upon cups or bowls until the cake is perfectly cold. Then remove by slipping a thin-bladed knife between the cake and the sides of the pan. Success in making angel cake depends largely upon having an oven of the proper temperature. If the oven is too warm, the cake will be tough.

Angel Cake - For Class Work

One-fourth cup of flour, one-fourth cup of sugar, and one tablespoonful more, one-fourth teaspoonful of cream of tartar, one-fourth cup of egg white, one-fourth tea-spoonful of extract of almond. Put together same as larger rule. Bake in very slow oven.

Cream Cake or Roll Cake - For Class Work

Scant two-thirds of a cup of sugar, generous two-thirds of a cup of flour, two medium-sized eggs, two-thirds of a teaspoonful of baking powder, two tablespoon-fuls of water (cold), one-eighth of a tablespoonful of salt, four drops of flavoring.

Beat the eggs with a dover beater until thick and lemon colored, add two-thirds of a cup of sugar, and beat with a spoon until well mixed; then add flour, in which is sifted the baking powder and salt; then add the flavoring, and two tablespoonfuls of cold water. Stir until well mixed. Bake in a moderate oven.

Cream Cake or Roll Cake - For Home Work

Beat three eggs until very light, then add one cup of sugar (scant), and stir until well mixed. Then add a cup of flour, minus one tablespoonful, and, when mixed, add three tablespoonfuls of cold water. Lastly add the tablespoonful of flour, plus two teaspoonfuls of baking powder, and stir until mixed. Flavor with one teaspoonful of lemon or vanilla. Bake in greased papered pans in an oven a little hotter than for sponge cake. If for cream cake, bake in pie tins in three layers, but if for roll cake, bake in a large pan in one layer, making a thin sheet.