Filling for Cream or Roll Cake

One cup of milk, one egg, two tablespoonfuls of cornstarch, one tablespoonful of granulated sugar. Put the cornstarch into a bowl, and mix it with one-fourth of a cup of the milk, pouring on a little at a time, to prevent lumping. Heat the remainder of the milk, and add to the cornstarch mixture. Return to the saucepan and cook five minutes after it reaches the boiling point, stirring constantly. When done, add it to the egg yolk, pouring slowly, and stirring well to insure a smooth mixture. Return to the fire, let reach the boiling point, and pour over the egg whites and sugar beaten together. Mix well and add to the cake when cool enough not to soak. Turn the cake when done onto a board dusted with powdered sugar. With a sharp knife trim a narrow strip from each edge, cover with the filling, and roll. Wrap a narrow, white cloth about the cake to hold it in place until it cools.

Whipped cream, sweetened and flavored, may be used, and is far better for cream cake than the fillings.

Sunshine Cake

One teaspoonful of cream of tartar, three-fourths of a cup of egg white, one-fourth of a cup of egg yolk, one cup of flour and one-fourth teaspoonful of salt, one cup of sugar, one teaspoonful of extract of lemon and vanilla in equal parts. Beat the egg yolks until stiff and lemon-colored and add the flavoring. Add the cream of tartar and salt to the egg white and beat until stiff, but not dry, then fold white and yolk carefully together. Fold the sugar and flour, which have been sifted together, into this egg mixture and bake forty-five minutes in a slow oven. Keep the cake covered during the first twenty minutes. It should be well risen in twenty minutes, but browned litthe. To prepare a pan for sunshine or angel cake wipe out well and fit a white paper over the bottom, but leave the pan without grease. When the cake is done, turn the pan upside down on a support which just touches the edges of the pan and allow to cool. If done, it will not fall from the pan, and is lighter for hanging so.

Sunshine Cake - Class Rnle

One-fourth cup of egg, one yolk, the rest white, one-fourth cup of sugar, one-fourth cup of flour, one-fourth teaspoonful of cream of tartar, a dust of salt, four drops of lemon and vanilla extract in equal parts. Make and bake same as directed for sunshine cake.

Cottage Pudding - Class Rule

Flour one-half a cup, less two tablespoonfuls, soda one-eighth of a teaspoonful, salt one-eighth of a teaspoon-ful, one-half of a beaten egg, three tablespoonfuls of sugar, two teaspoonfuls of butter (melted), one-fourth cup of sour milk, two drops of lemon extract. Put the milk, salt, melted butter and sugar into a bowl, add the flour, a little at a time, beating well, then the egg, and beat well, then the extract, and put into a buttered baking tin. Bake twenty to twenty-five minutes.

Cottage Pudding - Home Rule

Flour two cups, soda one-half teaspoonful, two small eggs, or one large one, two-thirds of a cupful of sugar, one cup of sour milk and three tablespoonfuls of melted butter. Put together same as in Class Rule.