Sauteing is a term used to describe the manner of cooking food in a small quantity of fat. For sauteing, one needs a fat which will bear a high temperature without burning. Butter or drippings, when used for cooking food, should always be clarified.

To Clarify Butter

Put in the saucepan over the fire, and let cook until the scum can be removed, then pour off the liquid carefully from the sediment which settles in the bottom. To clarify drippings, put in a kettle over the fire, and cook until the water is out, then pour into a vessel of clear water, let cool, take out the cake of fat, scrape the bottom, and with a clean cloth wipe off all water, and repeat the process if necessary.

To Saute Salsify

Cook the salsify in salted boiling water, drain, dry, season, and mash. When cooled a little, mix with each pint of salsify one egg well beaten and seasoned. Form the mixture into cakes, coat with egg and crumbs, and put into a spider well greased with fat (clarified butter, drippings, ham, or bacon fat), brown on both sides, and serve hot.

To Saute Cabbage

Chop cabbage moderately fine, put two tablespoonfuls of butter in the bottom of the kettle, put in three pints of shredded cabbage, and just enough water to keep from burning. Cook closely covered until tender, season with salt and pepper, and serve.

To Saute Parsnips

Cut into slices about one-half inch thick, steam until tender, and add one teaspoonful of sugar to two table-spoonfuls of fat, and brown the parsnips in this on a spider. Or treat cold mashed parsnips same as oyster plant. Use butter and drippings mixed in sauteing parsnips, because they will have a better flavor.

To Saute Sweet Potatoes

Remove the skin from cold sweet potatoes, sprinkle over them a little salt and a little sugar and fry in butter. Be careful not to let them burn. Use clarified butter.

To Saute Potatoes

Slice cold boiled potatoes lengthwise in one-fourth inch slices, season, and brown on both sides.

Sauted Potato Balls

Put one pint of cold mashed potatoes in a little milk or cream in a saucepan, and mix and stir potatoes until they are free from lumps, but not actually hot. Beat one egg light, and add enough of it to the potatoes to make them adhere. Form into cakes, and brown on both sides.

Hashed Brown Potatoes

Chop cold boiled potatoes as for hash, and season well. Use white sauce to moisten so that they will stick together, but be careful not to make too moist. May hash dried bread, and use with them in any proportion liked. These potatoes may be varied also by leaving out the bread, and seasoning the hashed potatoes with onion and parsley before sauteing them. Cook until brown on bottom in a spider coated with crumbs, and turn out like an omelet.

To Saute Summer Squash

Summer squash, when young, may be sauted. Wash and wipe, then cut in slices half an inch thick, season each with salt arid pepper, brown in plenty of clarified butter, and cover to steam, if not tender when brown.