Cheese Souffle - Home Rule

Two tablespoonfuls of butter, one and one-half table-spoonfuls of flour, one-half cup of milk, one cup of grated cheese, three eggs, one-half teaspoonful of salt, cayenne pepper, a dash. Make the white sauce, and pour over the beaten egg yolks. Stir the cheese into the white sauce, while hot. When cold, add whites, beaten stiff. Bake twenty to twenty-five minutes in a slow oven. Serve at once.

Cheese Souffle - Class Rule

Two level teaspoonfuls of butter, three level teaspoon-fuls of flour, one-quarter cup of milk, salt, pepper, and mustard to taste, one egg, beaten separately, two table-spoonfuls of cheese. Make the sauce, and pour boiling hot over the beaten yolk, stir in the seasoning, then the cheese. When cool, pour over the beaten white, and carefully fold together, and cook in a very moderate oven, same as a light omelet.

Cheese Toast

Put one-half cup of grated cheese in a saucepan with one cup of whole milk and one teaspoonful of butter. Put over the fire, and when the cheese begins to melt, pour over it one well-beaten egg. Put again over the fire and cook until it thickens like a steamed custard. Stir constantly while heating. Season with one-fourth of a tea-spoonful of mustard, one-half teaspoonful of salt, and a dash of pepper, and turn over nicely-toasted bread. Serve hot. May cook over hot water, or set the saucepan on an asbestos mat and cook slowly, stirring constantly.

Macaroni or Spaghetti with Cheese

Break one-half of a pound package of either paste into two quarts of boiling salted water, and boil for thirty minutes. Drain well, and blanch in cold water. Melt two tablespoonfuls of butter, add the paste, one table-spoonful of salt, a little paprica, one cup milk, and three-fourths cup of grated cheese. Mix well, place in baking dish, cover with grated cheese, put buttered bread crumbs over the top, and bake in cool oven half an hour, or longer, if wished quite brown.

Rice with Cheese

Use cold boiled rice. Butter a baking dish, and in the-bottom put a one-inch layer of rice. Cover well with white sauce, and over this put a layer of grated cheese. Add more rice, more white sauce, and more cheese, until the dish is as full as desired, having a layer of cheese on the top. Over this sprinkle seasoned bread crumbs, and bake fifteen or twenty minutes in a moderate oven. Serve hot from the dish in which it is baked. Rice with cheese may be baked and served in individual escalop shells.

Toasted Cheese Wafers or Crackers

Buy wafers of any shape desired, or crackers. Sprinkle grated cheese thickly over the top of the wafers or crackers, lay them in dripping pans, and place in an oven hot enough to brown a cracker in four or five minutes. Watch them closely, and remove from the oven when just a delicate brown. Serve them while warm. They should be crisp. Serve cheese wafers or cheese crackers with the salad course.